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Principle of peristaltic pump

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The principle of peristaltic pump operation is that there is always a runner that keeps the pump tube in the pump. When the peristaltic pump shaft rotates continuously, the runner will rotate the squeeze hose once, but the runner in the peristaltic pump appears. The two runners simultaneously squeeze the hose, so the hose is alternately squeezed as the runner alternates.

When the wheel is turned to the hose outlet, the squeeze received by the hose disappears instantaneously because the wheel loosens the hose. At this time, because the hose is not squeezed, it will immediately return to the non-extrusion state, at which point we will see a sudden decrease in the fluid flow at the hose outlet. At the same time, when the hose rebounds, the volume inside the hose suddenly increases, and the other roller in the pump squeezes the inlet of the pump. The increased volume will automatically suck back from the outlet. The fluid flow at the outlet also suddenly decreases, so that a pulse occurs.

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