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Extreme chemical resistance,compact size,strong power,used in car,food,medicine,inspection,printing equipment etc.
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Type Air Liquid
Rated voltage 12/24V
Flow rate Above 1.3L/min 320+/- 80ml/min
Current 320mA 250mA
Vacuum -40KPa --
Suction head -- 2m+
Max pressure 90KPa+
Lifetime 3000H+
Noise level <50dB
Start-up voltage 8V
Net weight 40g
Working temp 5-50℃
Ambient humidity 0-90%RH


Applications Adopting reasons

1.to be installed at the bottom of box→self supporting pump is needed

2.contour design freely=>Positional design of filtering membrane and pump

Cosmetic apparatus self-supportable, oil absorbing, inflating, water-sending

1.low noise level =>drive pump when necessary

2.improve printing performance=>printing with soft stamp-pad ink

Coating equipment pressurized with two pumps, mist spray
Measuring instrument gas detector, air concentration measurement device=>attract purpose
Medical Devices

1.sprayer=>transfering liquid medicine(inflate)

2.snot sucker aspirator => snot attract (attract)

Health devices sphygmomanometer, high concentration oxygen machine, perfume diffuser => inflate, alkaline water, strong acid water , Electrolysis of water generating device=>water-sending

Product use instructions

Wire color Usage
Red Positive pole
Black Negative pole
White PWM speed adjusting(connect to negative pole)
Yellow Output signal(6 pluse in a circle)
Green No

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